Outside Amy Schumer

Outside Amy Schumer is the comedy show that features feminist comedians other than Amy Schumer because people still think she's the only one for some reason... Presented by Radical Comedy, Outside AS is a show not meant to hate on Amy Schumer, but provide a platform for the many unheard or silenced voices of feminist voices of comedy that we don't hear enough of in the media: QTPOC (Queer Trans People of Color), Women of Color, Folk with Disabilities and so on.

And now booked for the last Tuesday evening of every month for the rest of 2019 at The Playground Theater. 

Please support the show by attending the live performances and giving a LIKE to the show's FACEBOOK PAGE.

If you think you are what KJ is looking for in this show, please submit HERE!

Created, Produced and Hosted by KJ Whitehead.

Oct. 30 Lineup

Elaine Golden


Kari Johnson

Angelica Julia Davila

Jillian Ebanks

Izzy Salhani

Sept. 24 Lineup

Penelope Torres

Liz Stockwell

Sandy Lee

Suzz Ballout

Lia Cundiff

July 30 Lineup

Lia Cundiff

Yaz Bat

Beckett Kenny

Jess Who

Victoria Vincent

Erica Switzer

May 28 Lineup

Penelope Torres

Sharron Palm

Kayla Pulley

Jess Who

Jen Durbent

Angelica Julia Davila

Apr. 30 Lineup

Yaz Bat

Lalita Dee 

Mim Nonthapun 

Val Bodurtha 

Jazmyn Ortega

Tamale Sepp

Mar. 26 Lineup

Jessica Mance

Brian Karpas

Sabeen Sadiq

Sonal Aggarwal

Feb. 28 Lineup

Colette Gregory

Meg Indurti 

Meg Brennan

Cecilia Dillon

Dec. 20 Lineup

Ashley Victoria

Lea Ciastko

Matt Brown

Rachel Relman

Cecilia Dillon